Hi everyone, welcome to my customized and unfiltered world! My name is Nancy Karteer , and I am a digital creator based in Minnesota. I am passionate about home decor, style, DIY projects, and design. My goal for this blog is to share tips and ideas for home decor that are both affordable and easy to implement. I believe anyone can make their home look beautiful and unique with creativity and resourcefulness.
That’s why I love sharing fun DIY projects for kids and adults. I am constantly looking for new and exciting ideas to inspire my readers to create personalized spaces. One of the things I love most about home decor is the opportunity to express my style. There are many ways to make a space feel truly your own, whether through colour, pattern, or texture. I hope to share
my passion for design with you and help you find your own unique style.
In addition to sharing DIY projects and home decor ideas, I also love to showcase beautiful design inspiration. From minimalist Scandinavian interiors to colorful bohemian spaces, there are many styles to explore and be inspired by. I hope to help you discover new trends and design ideas that will spark your creativity and help you make your home the best it can be.
Lastly, being a woman and, of course, a blogger too, I try and share my outfits, looks, and travel diaries here as well, but wholeheartedly I am more into interiors. Thank you for joining me on this journey of home decor, style, DIY, and design. I can’t wait to share my tips and ideas with you, and I hope you’ll find inspiration and joy in creating a beautiful home.