As someone who loves spending time outdoors, one of my favorite places to relax is on a cozy terrace. Whether I’m sipping on a cup of coffee in the morning or watching the sunset in the evening, a well-designed terrace can be the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some fresh air. But what makes a terrace cozy? For me, it’s all about the little details that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Soft lighting, comfortable seating, and natural elements like plants or water features can all work together to create a comfortable and cozy rooftop space. Pro-tip, the same applies to your patio and backyard.
My rooftop isn’t very wide; it is a small space, and I will share with you guys how I make the most out of it.

I start the design by placing a four-person seating group with cushions. It consists of a loveseat, two chairs, a bench, and a table.
Regardless of the seating arrangement coming with pillows, I like to add my throw pillows too, just makes seating cozier. They are fringed and have intricate detailing on them. It also serves as an add-on to the entire decoration.
Anyways, besides my seating, I placed two solar-powered LED outdoor lanterns. They look pretty and come in very handy during the evening and nighttime. They help to create a soft lighting environment.
Atop the table, I placed a vase of Hydrangea flowers. Adding natural elements like plants can help to create a serene environment. It also enhances the beautification of the arrangement.
This is it from my rooftop/terrace décor, and I hope you got some insightful tips and will consider them when designing yours. Get your furniture variety from Wayfair.

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